The 101st use for a Nokia E90 and the 102nd use for a Nokia N95...

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Ho yes, don't say that we at AllAboutSymbian don't put devices through the real world wringer. Among all the other uses for my Nokia E90, one of the most useful has been as a mobile cinema (shown below) and Rafe's used his Nokia N95 to er.. check the pilot's flight data on an aircraft!

The 101st use for a Nokia E90: unlike most other smartphones, the E90's widescreen display can be angled to suit and left on a desk as a makeshift 'TV'. Here I was on a day trip out with daughter (and friend) and we'd just been watching a 'show' at a museum, which I'd been videoing on the E90 for my teacher wife to use later on DVD in her classroom. And, as any parent knows, sometimes the best way to distract a child into actually eating their lunch (rather than complaining) is to stick something interesting in front of them, in this case, they were fascinated to watch the playback of the show.

Nokia E90 cinema:

E90 cinema

(By the way, another data point on battery life. I took 30 photos during the day and 45 minutes of DVD-quality video, the E90 was my navigation device on the way there (around 40 minutes of GPS and screen-on), I checked email a dozen times, took 3 phone calls, and did around 15 minutes of GPRS web browsing and another 15 of game playing. The E90 was down to 2 bars by the end, but I'd say that's acceptable.)

The 102nd use for a Nokia N95: flight instrument checker on an aircraft. Rafe was recently mid-air and decided to see what the Nokia N95 made of the err... unusual circumstances...

Nokia N95 flight instrument checker:

Screenshot Screenshot

Rafe can fill in detail on exactly where he was going. Note the speed and altitude!! I can remember the days when a GPS receiver would 'max out' if you took it much over 150kph....

Steve Litchfield, 1 June 2007