Nokia E90 - The Inital Verdict

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E90Steve Litchfield reports on two months (off and on) with the Nokia E90, now kitted out with near-production firmware, delivers his verdict on this latest Communicator and looks at exactly who might (or might not) buy it. Steve also includes application screenshots and sample photos in this definitive overview at the E90 and how it measures up.

The E90 is undoubtedly a niche device - luckily for Nokia it's a niche that's very well defined and one which already has buyers queueing up for the latest and greatest Communicator. The concept of a laptop-like text entry device which is genuinely phone-sized is still a valid one. The E90 follows a line of similar devices with ever increasing basic specifications but a subtly changing interface, from the original (non-Symbian) 9000 and 9110, to the 9210 and then 9500.

The Nokia E90

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