Nokia E65 and E61i details

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Nokia have added a number of user agent profile files to their website including ones for the as yet unannounced Nokia E61i and Nokia E65 models. Careful reading of the user agent profiles reveals that both devices run on S60 3rd Edition on Symbian OS 9.1. The E61i appears to be a tweaked version of the E61. Changes from the E61 include the addition of a camera and a change to the MicroSD memory card format. Read on for more.

There are two E61i variants (the E61i-1 and E61i-2) one with WCDMA (3G) connectivity and one without. Both devices have WLAN, GPRS and EDGE connectivity.

The E65 which is a new model line has a 240x320 screen (QVGA), MicroSD slot, a camera and WCDMA (3G), EDGE, GPRS and WiFi connectivity. This suggests that the E65 may be a more traditional form factor phone that the E61. Rumours have suggested that the E65 is slider form factor device, although no definite information is available.

Since neither the E61i and E65 runs S60 3rd Edition feature pack 1 this means it is unlikely that either device will have HSDPA connectivity, A2DP Bluetooth Profile support or version 2 of the S60 browser. 

However it is worth noting that these devices have not been officially announced and specifications could be changed before the release (or the UAProf's are inaccurate).