Carnival of the Mobilists 52

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It is time for the 52nd Carnival of the Mobilists (CotM) and as it enters its second year it continues to swing. This week we have the usual round up of writing on mobile issues from around the web. CotM aims to raise awareness of writing on mobile issues outside a site or blog's regular readership and subject areas.


Mobile Development

Paddy Byers and Ajit Jaokar have contributed a piece on what Mobile AJAX can learn from the fragmentation of Java ME.

Staying with AJAX, Richard Spence at Blue Trail has been sharing his Experiments in Mobile AJAX with his readers. 

Anders Borg writes about Java ME in the Enterprise at Abiro Mobile News and suggests there is a great deal of potential.

Stephanie Rieger  from Keitai has been looking at recent Flash Lite announcements and asks if Flash Lite is finally going mainstream?  


Arjan Olsder from the Mobile Games Blog has an interview with Michael Chan from Greystripe. Greystripe owns the advertising subsidised mobile game download site The interview talks over the thinking behind the site and hints at some future plans.

Xen Mendelsohn from Xellular Identity interviewed Nick Wright on Mobile Youth Trends. The interview covers a variety of areas around this most dynamic of consumer segments.

Mobile Services and Software

AT&T are considering embedding advertising in ringtones and Carlo Longino at MobHappy has an opinion on the subject.

Matt Miller from the Mobile Gadgeteer has been using T-Mobile's HotSpot @ Home service, a UMA service for the home consumer using Linksys routers and phones from Samsung and Nokia. Matt shares his experience and suggests that the service may not, yet, be ready for prime time.

After some personal experience of the issue, Daniel Taylor, from the Mobile Enterprise weblog, has contributed a piece on making the case for mobile data roaming.

Michael Mace at Mobile Opportunity has been writing about his experience in the Sprint Ambassador program from which he was recalled. Michael discusses his own personal experience but also gauges the overall success of the project for Sprint. 

Dennis from Wap Review offers a comprehensive look at Opera Mini 3 (beta), discussing the new features in both the high end and low end versions as well as pointing to possible areas for improvement.

Here on All About Symbian, Steve Litchfield offers a consumer-focussed introduction to signing and platform security on the Symbian platform

Alfredo Padilla from Mobile Penguin has recently picked up an Nokia E70 and has used the opportunity to write an editorial comparing it to his Cingular 2125.

Mobile Trends

Hampus Jakobsson from VisionMobile has been looking at mobile phone manufacturer market share and concludes it is a case of take over the world or enjoy good margins

C. Enrique Ortiz thinks the Mobility Landscape is picking up, pointing towards the increasing number of companies working in the mobile space and highlighting a number of upcoming mobile focussed events.

Carnival Miscellany

With the US mid term elections tomorrow, Justin Oberman from Mopocket has contributed this timely piece on the use of Mobile technology to add a layer of interactivity to Pat Lamarache's Maine campaign.

Darla Mack contributes a well thought piece on the importance of brand in the mobile space and relates her own personal experience with mobile phone brands.

Next week... 

Next week's Carnival of the Mobilists will be hosted at C. Enrique Ortiz Mobility Weblog