More NTT DoCoMo Symbian handsets announced

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NTT DoCoMo have announced a number of new Symbian powered handsets. Most notable among these is the Enterprise focused D702iBCL (manufactured by Mitsubishi). Unlike other FOMA MOAP the phone does not have a camera and is only available in one colour. The usual MOAP / FOMA features are present such as support for iChannels and FlashCast. Read on for more.

 D702iBCLThe D702iBCL summary specifications are:

  • 130 x 47 x 16.8 mm dimensions
  • 97g
  • QVGA screen resolution with 262,144 colours
  • MOAP UI running on Symbian 8.1
  • FlashCast and iChannel support
  • 3 hours talk time and 400-550 hours standby time

BCL stands for Business Camera Less.

NTT DoCoMo also recently announced the SO902iWP (manufactured by Sony Ericsson). This is a variant of the S0902i. The WP stands for Water Proof and the phone can be immersed into upto 1 metre of water for 30 minutes.

Ntt DoCoMo have also recently announced some addition to its 7 series lines. Likely Symbian phones (given their manufacturers history) are the D702iF (Mitsubishi), and the SH702iS (Sharp). The D702iF (for female) is targeted at women. It is available in a range of pastel colours (inlcuding pink) and rounded shape means it can be 'opened withuot damaging your finger nails'. The SH702iS is the newest model in the SH702 range. It features a 2.4 inch QCGA screen (.4 inches bigger than the SH702iD) with a privacy button that reduce the angle of view to keep the screen from being seen by prying eyes.