Mobile Web Best Practices should help smartphone browsing

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W3C, the standards body behind the Web, have released new guidelines, dubbed "Mobile Web Best Practices" and signed off by many major names, including Microsoft and Nokia. The document is a must-read for anyone producing smartphone/PDA-friendly web content.
" -- 27 June 2006 -- Today, W3C reached an important milestone toward its mission of making it as easy to use the Web on a mobile device as on a desktop computer. W3C has published Mobile Web Best Practices a Candidate Recommendation, an indication of broad consensus on the technical content of the document.

W3C now invites implementation experience from the community. Industry leaders are declaring their support for the guidelines, which explain how to develop Web sites that work on mobile devices. "There are many devices, but one Web," said Daniel Appelquist, chair of the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group. "Practical guidelines on how to create content once that can be delivered to the plethora of devices saves developers and organizations time and money, and has the added benefit of not breaking the Web. "

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