Carnival of the Mobilists 31

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This week All About Symbian is proud to host the Carnival of the Mobilists. The Carnival gathers writing on mobile from around the web and is guaranteed to find you interesting opinions and new sites to add to your daily reading list. 

I can hear the drummers starting up and can see the dancers coming round the corner... Break open a beer, enjoy the sunshine and sit back for an hour's great reading - it's time for Carnival number 31!

In Should we just give up on mobile data and content? Carlo Longino's (MobHappy) puts into words the frustration many of us feel with the current circumstances surrounding mobile data and content and gives a possible set of solutions arguing that operators must change their approach by revamping their strategy, marketing and the ecosystem itself if the current general disinterest in mobile data and content (outside ringtones and Java games) is to be overcome.

Daniel Taylor (Mobile Enterprise Weblog) recently attended the Computerworld Mobile & Wireless World event and in his post The Enterprise Agenda for Mobility he descibes in depth how there is often a disconnect between media and analysts' perception of enterprise mobility and the reality that IT managers face.

In his post Understanding customers who carry two phones Tomi Ahonen (Communities Dominate Brands) discusses the emerging trend of people carrying more than one phone and the implications it has for network operators.

On the same blog, Alan More, in mobile myspace, and the relationship between brands and communities, discusses, with a mobile emphasis, the importance of social networking and communities for brand advocacy.

Martin Sauter (Mobile Society) describes in S60, Python, a GPS receiver, and Google Earth how he has been using Python scripting, a S60 Phone and a Bluetooth GPS to track his movements and Google Earth to visualise the results.

Jim Hughes (Feet up!) has also been examining Python and in his post Backpack goes Mobile writes about a Backpack client written in Python for S60 phones.

Here at All About Symbian Steve Litchfield considers the über-utility and whether its functions should really be in the OS itself, in his post on the rise and rise of the über-utility.

Judy Breack (Golden Swamp) highlights the trend of mobile phones as safety devices for young people before looking at recent concerns over cyber safety in Vietnam in her post Mobile security solutions: phones are cyber safer.

Moonsider Mobile offers 7 tips to protect your cellphone's privacy and reminds us that mobiles can store sensitive information which could fall into undesirable hands if your phone is stolen.

Darla Mack (The Mobile Diva) discusses the disadvantages of having an unlocked phone in the US market. It seems an unlocked phone can lock you out of some of your operator's services.

Jan Kuczynski (World Wireless Forum) examines the handset range for the MVNO Disney Mobile and asks what happened to the 'Disney Magic' in Disney Mobile?

Justin Oberman (MoPocket ) in Yiibu conquers mobile ubiquitous learning looks at Yiibu's Flash Lite products running on S60 phones and discusses the relatively untapped market of ubiquitous learning on your mobile phone.

Howard  Rheingold (SmartMobs ) brings us news of a service which enables you build your own search engine that runs as an AIM bot in his post titled Build Your own Mobile Search Bot.

C. Enrique Ortiz tell us that Mobile Banking has finally arrived in the US, some time after adoption in other markets.

Rudy De Waele ( tells us of his mobile summer tune (Throw it All Away from Zero 7...) and how he got it to his mobile (DRM and all).

Xen Mendelsohn (Xellular Identity) in "The Mobile Perimeter" - Taken in Consideration in Sweden tells us a of new law in Sweden that is set to restrict the use of mobile phones on public transport to specific areas.

You can not escape the World Cup even on the Carnival of the Mobilists, Uri Levanon (Gogelmogel ) tell us about some unique World Cup themed mobile content in his post "Snoop Loves Football" - World Cup 2006 meets the Urban Style

Staying with the football theme, Dennis (Wap Review) offers a comprehensive review of World Cup mobile sites including offerings from FIFA (in association with Yahoo), the BBC, Sky News, Eurosports, and ESPN.

We have several newcomers to Carnival this week, a warm welcome to all of them:

Nicolas Fogelholm (About Nokia Blog ) in Nokia Mobile Search Expands looks at Nokia's Mobile Search tool which recently added support for more countries to its Local Search element.

Bonnie Bogle ( in Did you get the one about the politician on your phone? writes about the use of SMS messages to send jokes with particular reference to Politicans.

Richard Bloor (SymbianOne) talks about the importance for the Symbian ecosystem of building a supply of skilled developers in his article Meme Education - Educating North America About Symbian OS.

In his post, How the Pocket PC beat the Palm - Lessons for Apple iPod, Sukumar (Sast Wingees Speaketh) offers an insight into the importance of the enterpise space for all technology products.

Finally my favourite post of the week is by Michael Mace (Mobile Opportunity) who in this insightful post, trouble with a 3G smartphone, writes about his experience with the EVDO enabled Samsung A920. While an EVDO pipe offers great benefits, the rest of the experience was not so positive. Michael also comments on the 'influencer marketing' Sprint Ambassador program.

If you want to find out more about the Carnival including how to submit an entry for inclusion and a listing of previous Carnival postings visit the Carnival of the Mobilists web site. 

Next week the Carnival returns to its spiritual home, the mighty MobHappy. See you there!