The first Nokia 5500 review

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How these guys in Moscow get the latest hardware before us is beyond me, but here's Mobile Review's latest exclusive - the Nokia 5500, with loads of photos and screenshots. The usual warnings over the English apply and thanks to the S60 Applications blog for the heads up.
"In the end we have a perfect niche solution (this is not a mass-market, just like any other phone with protective case), it does not have direct competitors, and there’s little chance that any will appear in nearest future. This model is extremely successful and deserves special attention. This is one of the best smartphones in Nokia’s and S60 history. In case the company will be able to provide same level of integration for other niche products, we will see a rise of those, and a horde of clones too, attempts to replicate Nokia’s success. The way in which company is moving becomes clear now, these are first successful products for S60. There’s only one disadvantage for this product – battery life."