Firmware upgrades over the air! At last.

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Although technically already announced to developers, has put up a pretty page (and detailed PDF) looking at not only S60 3rd Edition, but S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 (come on, keep up at the back), featuring built-in support for Firmware upgrades Over The Air (FOTA) - woohoo! This only apples to S60 3.1 (3rd Edition Feature Pack 1). Current devices can not be upgraded to 3.1
"S60 3rd Edition is the newest generation of the world's leading smartphone software. S60 3rd Edition adds a host of fresh features while retaining those from the 2nd Edition. In addition, the 3rd Edition introduces a new level of flexibility and security into the platform, enabling manufacturers to create devices aimed at mass markets. The S60 platform therefore provides an open, secure, and scalable business opportunity to mobile operators and third-party developers.

S60 3rd Edition feature pack 1 introduces new features such as Firmware upgrade Over The Air (FOTA) and a new open-source browser. FOTA enables software upgrades to be performed over the air, initiated by either the user or operator. In addition to these, feature pack 1 also provides a flexible XML-based framework for UI customization and improvements in performance."