emoze 'Push' email solution for Symbian phones

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The Emblaze Group today announced the launch of it's emoze push email solution for mobile phones. The personal edition is being made available for free. The personal edition works by installing a connector into your PC's email client which pushes received email to the emoze distribution network from where it is intelligently pushed to your mobile device.

Currently there is only a download available for S60 2nd Edition devices, although support for Series 80, S60 3rd Edition devices and UIQ 2 and 3 is coming soon.

The connector currently requires Microsoft Outlook with Lotus Notes and Outlook Express support coming soon.

The system is also able to retrieve email from various webmail systems inlcuding Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Gmail via POP3 connections. 

Press Release:

Emblaze unleashes emoze, the world’s first free Push-Email service for ANY device
In direct competition with Blackberry, Microsoft, Intellisync and others, Emblaze’s emoze technology now makes email, diary and contact data available to anyone, anywhere, with a major difference – it’s FREE and supports the widest range of existing devices

April 5, 2006 — Emblaze Ltd. today launches emoze, the world's first free and secure "push" email and PIM service. With emoze Personal Edition, anyone with a compatible mobile phone can receive work or home emails and Personal Information Manager (PIM) data such as contacts and diary scheduling on their mobile phone or PDA on the move, anywhere in the world. The technology itself is built to support any mobile device. Current release works with all Microsoft PocketPC or Symbian devices such as Nokia 6630 and Nokia 6680. Within the next few months emoze will cover the vast majority of remaining mobile devices and will keep maintaining and adapting the service for all newly emerging mobile devices over time.

As a REAL ‘push’ email service, emoze will automatically push your emails and PIM data to your phone as soon as it is sent to you without you having to pro-actively connect to a service every time you want to send or receive. For the past few years, this type of service has been available mainly in a very costly package and mostly restricted to a specific hardware and software platforms such as the Blackberry and thus limiting mass market adoption. emoze removes such barriers with a totally free, simple, flexible, and secure service, creating significant savings for corporate users and consumers alike.

Email on the go has become the battleground for major vendors around the world. With the success of Research in Motion, the Blackberry has changed the way corporate users communicate on a day to day basis but it is still the privilege of “elitist few”. Emblaze believes that mobile push email and PIM data should become a commodity service – a given - just like a voice call. Anyone from corporate users to individuals should have access to this basic service as part of their day to day communications. This is the background and reason for the development and introduction of emoze (
www.emoze.com) to the world, a free Push Email and PIM service to anyone, anywhere and on any device.

The emoze push messaging service is a result of proprietary, in-house development by the Emblaze Group’s top engineers, who have achieved dramatically enhanced performance on both message delivery/sync and push management. Unlike other solutions in the market place, emoze has created a real push-event technology, in which synchronization occurs only on incoming and outgoing events, rather than via periodical connections to the email server and checks for change. This part of the technology not only saves the user connectivity-related costs but also dramatically reduces device power usage.

To use emoze all you need to have is an email account and a compatible device; the interface will be familiar to anyone who’s used a traditional email program. The emoze software can be downloaded free from
www.emoze.com and set up quickly and simply.

Emblaze is committed to cover all devices and known email services on both corporate as well as consumer levels. emoze currently works with any Microsoft Mobile or Symbian device with a GPRS or other data connection, with Microsoft Outlook and POP3 online email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo! and Gmail. Within months, emoze will be available for Corporate Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes Domino servers without the need of PC based on-line software.

emoze currently supports all major brands including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and others.
Over the time, Emblaze will continue to adapt emoze to cover the ever-growing range of devices and models. Over the next few months support will be expanded to include Palm devices and MacOS & Linux platforms.

The service is available on any wireless GSM, CDMA or Wi-Fi network including 2.5G and 3G such as WCDMA/UMTS, CDMA2000, 802.xx, Wi-Max, GPRS (2.5G), EDGE, CDMA 1xRTT, CDMA 1xEVDO and many others.

emoze technology is particularly focused around personal and corporate privacy, providing one of the best security solutions available for mobile email. emoze does not gather or send information from users’ PCs or in-boxes. There are no “cookies”, no “spyware” and no duplication of user data on emoze servers. For corporate users, emoze does not require the opening of new ports, thus preventing hacking vulnerability. All emoze transmissions and messaging is encrypted with the highest possible industry standards.

"There were over 50 million wireless PDAs and Smartphones sold in 2005 that are capable of receiving push email and another 80 million will be sold this year alone," said Doron Cohen, vice president of marketing and business development for emoze. “But there are only approximately 10 million subscribers to push-email services and most of them are limited to employees of Fortune 1000 companies. emoze is the service that is targeted at the rest of the world covering hundreds of millions of potential users – currently untouched by all other solutions. We strongly believe that this type of communication should become a commodity service to all, with the same a total availability as a dial-tone. We at Emblaze are committed to make sure this happens over the next few years."

emoze is wholly owned by the Emblaze Group (
www.Emblaze.com), an innovation-driven telecoms vendor offering advanced solutions for the next generation of mobile communication. emoze is a new business unit formed by employees and technologies from within Emblaze. For more information about emoze, go to www.emoze.com.