'All About' sites and Christmas, into 2021

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Every site deserves a small hiatus over Christmas and the holiday season, and the All About sites are no different. In fact, for personal reasons (an immediate family funeral in my case) the gap in content started yesterday, and things will resume in the week after Christmas. Hopefully with an addition to the All About site roster. See below...

Server farm

All About Symbian was started back in 2002 (it was born as All About ER6! 'ER6' stood for 'EPOC Release 6', the OS behind all the Symbian smartphones of the time), followed by All About NGage in 2004 (principally with the view that Nokia N-Gage owners might want to view it ON the phone/gaming device), then All About Meego and All About Windows Phone circa 2011. Not all of this is online as I write this because of the first huge evolutionary step taken below. But the stable is hopefully to be joined by a new site, see the second step below. Hopefully.

  1. Rafe Blandford, the man behind the sites, their funding and admin, has managed to migrate most things to a brand new server, as of November 2020. Things are far faster, more secure, and more future proof. Admittedly a few site features aren't quite working right as I write this, but the Christmas break should see more of these addressed. The big one is switching on 'https', i.e. SSL - we don't gather any user data, but being secure will mean that readers won't see warning notices when they visit in 2021. We haven't yet cracked how we're going to do this (it's more complicated than you might imagine because of the tens of thousands of stories and hundreds of thousands of resources).
  2. You've seen me mention a new site several times, with acronym AAM, it's allaboutmobile.com, and you won't be surprised to learn that it expands the coverage in our usual style to all mobile platforms. The beauty of Rafe's CMS (Content Management System) is that articles can be tagged for any or all of these sites. So, for example, an AAM story that's also applicable to AAS and/or AAWP can be tagged as such and it will also appear there. And vice versa. I've also gone back and post-tagged (for AAM) at least six months of existing content from AAS/AAWP that's more generally relevant and so AAM will start life 'stocked' with decent content for anyone coming across the site from scratch. No 'Hello world' or 'Under construction' posts here!

As ever, our focus will be on geek insights, long form articles and deep dives, with a few reviews and pointers to other sites thrown in as we go. There are plenty of other tech 'news' sites, so consider the All About sites (as always) to be a dose of British perspective in an always changing mobile world.

As ever, we'd welcome the occasional guest writer, plus Rafe himself is hoping to have time to write for the site in 2021!

Happy Christmas

PS. You know where my Paypal tip jar is if you'd like to encourage me (Steve), plus I do keep nagging Rafe to add his own tip jar!