Delight 1.8 custom firmware (CFW) released for the Nokia 808 PureView

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Some phones never die. And the Nokia 808 is still going strong in some hands, thanks mainly to the untiring work of developers of custom firmware, who get around broken servers and certificates to keep an unsupported platform functioning in 2020. Here's news of a brand new version of Delight CFW for the Nokia 808. 

Nokia 808s

This is all, by the way, courtesy of SIStore project coordinator Max, in a spin-off project Ovi | He says, of Delight 1.8 (sic, note that his native language isn't English):

Greatly improved Delight cleaner module

Forget about Mobile Cleaner and similar apps, which either do not work properly on Belle firmware or perform their cleaning both risky and inefficiently due to some specific Delight configs. Clean garbage safely: open Delight App and select Language and Garbage Cleaner tool.

Delight Backup/Restore is expanded as much as ten times

The purpose of doing that was quite obvious - to cover more common Symbian apps and games.

Huge sound improvements, based on Anna parameters

It goes without saying, official Belle firmware lacks those deep sounds Anna had. Nevertheless, the hardware is the same. Many previous attempts to enhance sound quality on Belle FP2 were not very impressive, but now you can fully dive into the deepness of the sound even with ordinary cheap tablet headphones! Low frequencies are boosted as well, you can especially notice them on Bass or Beats equaliser presets.

Added Proxy Browser

A shell on the built-in web browser to bypass multiple certificate issues (e.g. TLS1+), where no other known solution on Symbian is available. It does not distort the page content, unlike Opera Mini or UC Browser cause.

Ability to manipulate system sounds

Are you tired of hearing the same default confirmation sound? Change it directly! Or do low battery or error tones drive you wild? Then delete them, and there will be no sound confirmation.

Exclusive personalisation settings

This time, Delight theme (originally by Lao Stia) carries the bottom bar which changes colour between portrait and landscape modes. Another unique feature of Delight 1.8 is the ability to change the colour scheme of QtQuick applications (can be called via Delight App).

Optimised and expanded Python

If you are a fan of Python-based applications, which were created by enthusiastic programmers according to their own guidelines and thus were not available for download through Nokia Store, you will appreciate this small thing.

Volume buttons mod

Nothing is scary in this title since if you press only volume up or volume down buttons, they will affect the sound level the way they used to do. But what if your lock lever-key is broken? Well, then instead of installing 3rd-party phone locking applications, you can press the volume button "-" and (without releasing the former) press "+": in the end, your phone display will lock!

Exclusively my update of iChris701's SysAp mod bundle to unofficial v1.5

It bears the latest connection patch, which allows you to take fewer steps when permanently accepting website certificates. The previous version of SysAp mod bundle (v1.4) included an incorrect patch, which could have broken the web browser, whereas the current version is safe and fixes that issue.

PureView camera all resolutions mod by Osenok updated to v4.0.1

Simply the best camera mod (which does not break PureView), now it has better audio bitrate on video recording and additional full 41MP resolution corners fix.

Timezone database and additional patch in ROMPatcher

Back in 2016, Asterixrus ported IANA time zone database on Symbian. It contains summer and wintertime adjustments which are actual for several countries, e.g. Russia and Egypt. If the country you live in will adopt the reform on daylight saving time someday, you will be able to take control over it with TimeZoneRulesFix patch in ROMPatcher.

Extra localisations for several English-only resources.

Would you like to see the interface of Delight App in your native language? Then add "Ovi |" widget on home-screen and follow the further instructions :)


Helpfully, Max sent across some screenshots by way of illustrating Delight 1.8:


Some colourful theme tweaks; (right) web browsing now more practical on more secure sites


Max's homescreen widgets. Remember them, from 2010? The ones that just got 'reinvented' by Apple in 2020?! (right) speeding up the OS to play a game.

And, of course, there are some extra features which you can select in the Delight App:

  • AdBlock on Symbian (no, really?!)
  • call screen rotation
  • interface acceleration or battery saving
  • maps server selection
  • operator name on home-screenOpera Mobile tweaker
  • and much more!

And much more! The full changelog is available as usual at

Language localisations for Delight v1.8 will be published as soon as possible. After that, the latest Delight will be ported to all other smartphones running Symbian Belle! (including Nokia E7, N8)