Delight 1.5 Custom Firmware hits for the Nokia 808 PureView

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Billed as a Christmas present to the Symbian community, the Delight Custom Firmware (CFW) team has published v1.5 of its eponymous and rather excellent custom firmware - there's nothing critical that forces anyone happy with Delight v1.4 to update, but completists and enthusiasts (like me) will want to anyway! Screenshot proof, notes, quotes and links below.

Nokia 808 running Delight 1.5

You can find everything you need here in the original post. See the FAQ there, deselect the UDA and EMMC packages (you'll know what that means if you've done this before), and make sure, after booting, you both allow time for the auto-updaters to run. Also, just run the 'Delight 1.5' 'Updater' when prompted (i.e. tap 'cancel' to other versions, assuming you were already on v1.4).

Total time taken, with absolutely no data or apps loss, was about 10 minutes, but it will take longer if you're new to firmware flashing/updating or if you need to use another base language. All applications and settings were intact, including the Swype keyboard.

See also the compiler's tutorial for flashing Delight CFW and, if you're brand new to flashing CFWs then have a read through my C7 adventure here.

From the notes for Delight 1.5 here:

  • cleaned unneeded/double files
  • added all missing styles and transition to the old N8 video editor
  • Requires a Refurbish/Hardreset: disabled the GPS background processautostart, it just takes RAM and CPU time. (It gets started automatically whenever it's needed, so it doesn't make sense in autostart)
  • contacts and email widgets are using default skins
  • added help files for the N8 photo and video editors
  • replaced the useles weather shortcut of the email widget with GPS Data, thanks eric88 for your hint about the useless shortcut.
  • added landscape support for the FM radio, thanks Márton for your suggestion!
  • Delight App v1.4
  • slightly updated SMS Themer
  • menu config
  • keyboards by Allstar12345 and bhavin192
  • theme effects by Allstar12345
  • conversation skin by Cahjoss
  • the default General profile config(ringing type ringing, no touch screen vibration)
  • offical Nokia Big Clock screensaver fix(for Czech, Hungarian and Norwegian), thanks habibx for the hint
  • Share via Twitter icon
  • the default camera app image name counter will be '1' after flashing, thanks Alex for finding this issue and helping us
  • removed the wrong FastTube SISRegistry entry, thank eric88 for your hint!

Plus improvements and fixes to the integral Delight App/utility.

Brilliant stuff from the Delight team, to please thank them and drop them a donation if you can.