The DIY quad-pod phone stand

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In the spirit of my own cardboard (DT-29 copy) phone stand, Aliqudsi, over on My Nokia Blog, has had a brain wave and used two bulldog/binder clips to create a four legged, stable stand for his N8, though it will also work for any other similar device, ostensibly for holding the camera phone up for stable filming, without worrying that it will fall over. Clever stuff...

Here's his image from My Nokia Blog:

Bulldog clip stand

Using just 2 binder clips you can make your own home-made tripod that has adjustable angles (moving the clips- or as I call them Quadpod Legs). If you’re worried about scratching your N8 (even-though that shouldn’t be an issue considering the adonised aluminum) you can put some tape or tissue paper, or gauze around the ends of the binder clip… be creative!