Nokia and BBC finally resolve iPlayer download problems

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After months of BBC iPlayer downloads that wouldn't play, following a DRM change on the BBC's servers, it seems that Nokia and the Beeb have worked out the problem, releasing a 'WMDRM DLA iPlayer plugin' for many Symbian smartphones. At least, those based in the UK, presumably worked out via network or IP. As with similar updates, the gradual nature of the roll out means that you may have to wait a little longer for this to appear in your copy of Nokia Suite.

Note that we haven't seen this update via SW_update on devices yet, it seems to be Nokia Suite (and thus Windows) only.

Within Nokia Suite, connect up your smartphone in 'Nokia Suite' mode and use 'Check for updates' on the Windows application's menu.

After applying the update, go to in Web on your smartphone and tap on 'iPlayer' on the page (or use an app-based shortcut). You should now be able to select a programme, download it and then play it directly from Video centre on your smartphone, with Symbian OS now correctly acquiring the right DRM license from the BBC's servers. (As with previous iPlayer downloads, you typically have between two and four weeks to watch the video before it expires.)