The Proporta charger hits 7000mAh

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Anecdotally, the Proporta chargers have been hugely popular amongst my Phones Show viewership and 'All About' readers generally - and there's a new monster version now available, clocking in at a stunning 7000mAh. The Turbocharger 7000 has two USB output ports as usual, along with a facelifted exterior, weighs only 175g, and comes with charging heads for all major phone and gadget ports and a carrying case. Watch this space for a full review.

Turbocharger 7000

From the Proporta press release:

Proporta, the iPhone, Smartphone and tablet / Kindle protective case specialist, is pleased to announce the newest and best addition to its award-winning USB TurboCharger range. This ludicrously useful little product is a compact, high-powered rechargeable battery that charges from any USB port and allows you to juice up even the most power-hungry gadgets again and again, no matter where you are.

The capacity of the latest Proporta TurboCharger is an impressive 7000 mAh, and it comes with two USB output ports, allowing you to charge more than one phone / iPad (and anything else that can be powered by USB) at the same time. The TurboCharger works with all leading mobile devices, from the iPod, iPad and iPhone ranges, to Blackberry, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, digitalcameras and lots of other gadgets. An LED display shows the level of charge, and the TurboCharger comes with two retractable cable and a range of interchangeable connector heads. Best of all,this stylish product is so lightweight (at about 175g) that you’ll barely even notice you’re carrying it.

You can view the USB Turbocharger 7000 here. Everytime I've offered the Proporta Turbochargers in Phones Show giveaways, they've flown out the door faster than every other accessory on offer and I can't recommend them highly enough - you may have spotted one of the All About team at shows with a Turbocharger in tow, charging some phone or other...

I'll have a full, review of the '7000' variant up shortly on this site. Let me know which devices you'd like me to test it with!