Nimbuzz gets a refresh

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Not available in the Nokia Store yet, but downloadable from, is a new v3.3 of this popular chat client, picthed as having a completely 'redesigned' home screen and new shortcuts for 'recent' chats, for 'N-World' and for 'Groupchat'. As ever, the Nimbuzz folks offer a premium experience provided you live within the chat systems supported (Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Yahoo IM, AIM, GoogleTalk, Facebook and MySpace are the main ones). The changelog is below.


From the Nimbuzz blog:

One of the first things I’m sure you will notice is the beautifully redesigned Home Screen. We made the icons bigger and rearranged them in grid view so you can access the most important functions with a single touch. Even more exciting is that we added three new icons to the list: Recent Chats, N-World and Groupchat ;) .

Here is the complete overview of Nimbuzz 3.3 for Nokia Symbian phones:

  • Redesigned Home Screen for fast access to your favorite features
  • Three new icons added: Recent Chats, N-World and Groupchat
  • Block contacts that annoy you
  • New “Notifiable” icon – the green half moon
  • Change your password from the inside the app
  • 30% faster login

The icon with a half green moon stands for Notifiable and it will appear only next to your Nimbuzz contacts that closed the Nimbuzz app but can still receive push (on the iPhone and Android)  or  Ping notifications (on the Java and Symbian phones).

So when you see this icon remember that we will push your messages to your friend but it might take a while for them to see it since their app is closed.