Business Calendar updated with triple homescreen widgets

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In June this year, we reviewed version 1.0 of Business Calendar. This was the first serious attempt in years at replacing the built-in Symbian Calendar application. Even though the 1.1 update addressed several of our criticisms, there was still some missing functionality. Fortunately, version 1.3 has been released with a number of new features, including multiple homescreen widgets. Read on to find out whether this is now the ultimate Calendar replacement.

Month view

Business Calendar now has a set of aesthetic features that make it a compelling competitor to the built-in calendar application. Events can be moved by drag-and-drop. All day events and tasks appear along the top row of day and week views. Another improvement over version 1.1 is that Business Calendar now has a continuous agenda view.


Week view, block mode


Week view, time chart mode

One of the wishes from our original review was for this application to have a homescreen widget. Instead, the alternative Coming Next widget had to be used, which had sub-optimal integration with Calendar. Fortunately, you can download up to three homescreen widgets for Business Calendar from the Ovi Store. The first two are free and the third will cost £1.00; note that Business Calendar itself costs £3.00.


Business Calendar’s homescreen widgets

If you want to find out more you can read our early review here, and visit Business Calendar’s homepage. If you want to try Business Calendar for yourself, just follow these links to the Nokia Store:

David Gilson, 25 November 2011