Symbian updates emphasised, new hardware for Series 40 and Windows Phone

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The bad news - no new Symbian hardware at Nokia World 2011. The good news is that mention was specifically made of the existing ten next-gen Symbian^3/Anna/Belle handsets and commitment to keep the updates coming - it's safe to say that Belle will be on all ten devices fairly soon, variants and versions notwithstanding. Six new phones were launched today at the event, four using Series 40 and two running Windows Phone.

Interestingly, the Series 40 phones sported several applications and faces that will be fairly familiar, the Nokia Social suite seemed to be present, for example. Oh, and Angry Birds...

On the smartphone front, the Lumia 800 and 710 were announced, for almost immediate availability. The 800 is similar to the existing N9 but running Windows Phone, while the 710 is a mid-tier model but with the same software, including the Nokia Drive software and Nokia's free music streaming service. See these two stories over on our sister site All About Windows Phone for full details.


Nokia 710 - Windows Phone for the mid-tier

Nokia 800 - the new Nokia starts here