Nokia Go Dubstep For Their "New" Ringtone

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Remember Nokia Conversations were asking for people to create a new ringtone for Nokia to ship on their handsets? They've announced a winner, Italian DJ Valerio Alessandro Sizzi and his twenty-four second dub-step reimagining of Tarrega's Grande Valse. You can have a listen to it below, or just wait for it to be one of the default ringtones on the new Nokia handsets.

Going with a modern dub-step version is a courageous decision*. It's going to sound a bit of a mess to some people, and others will pass it by as being "a bit too much 2009". What do you think? Are you happy to hear this everywhere you turn?

Of course it's not likely to be the only ringtone you have to choose from on your handset, and it's a simple matter (even on Windows Phone) to add it as your own ringtone - a route that I run through on pretty much every phone that passes through my hands.

Nevertheless, congrats to Sizzi, and there's more discussion at the Nokia Conversations blog. As you can imagine,  it's not to everyone's taste!

Update: Nokia Conversations have posted a follow-up stressing that this won't be the only ringtone on the new phones, and providing audio for the five runner-up ringtones. I suspect they've had a lot of feedback on the Dubstep.

[* As in "What a courageous decision, minister!" (C) Yes Minister, BBC TV, 1980s.... - Ed]