Beta Store client gets important update

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You'll remember that a new Qt-ified version of the Nokia Store client was released in beta form a week ago? There's now an 'important' (i.e. bug fix) update available, v3.16.034, go grab it here. This is for Symbian^3/Anna smartphones only, as before.

From the update page:

Update 03.10.2011 - Version 3.16.034

  • Fixed: Application update notification issue
  • Fixed: Payment using SMS is taking too long to complete, especially when the mailbox is open and has a lot of messages
  • Fixed: In some cases, the client accidentally deletes the SMS messages on the phone
  • Fixed: Sometimes, the Client fails to silently sign-in, Spinner is always visible in the account view

Not that I'd hit any of these issues, but fixed is always better than broken, so I recommend updating anyway!