Ovi de-branding continues with the Store client

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The Ovi Store client for S60 3rd and 5th Edition phones got itself a big update today, to v1.16, complete with Nokia branding through and through - there's no Ovi logo, just a blue store icon, plus a complete Nokia-blue makeover, cosmetically. The Help system has been simplified to a multipage scrolling FAQ, nicely done. Screenshots below. Further transformations, to the Web version of the Store and to the Symbian^3 client, are also rolling out.

Screenshot Screenshot

The new colour scheme and subtly tweaked interface. I could be imagining it, but responsiveness seemed better too, at least with the fairly short 'pages' used by default by each store section. There's also, on the touch-enabled S60 5th Edition version at least, no attempt now to try and detect 'swipes' on the top category bar - simple taps on panels or on the arrows are used instead, also improving responsiveness overall, I suspect.

Screenshot Screenshot

The new Help 'FAQ' page, plus the new loading screen - minimalist in the extreme! No Ovi branding at all though - to be essential in the coming days when the Nokia Store has to be just that - Nokia, spanning multiple smartphone and feature phone platforms.