Developer signposts and training days for Windows Phone apps

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We're pretty sure that a lot of Symbian developers are looking to explore Windows Phone with the upcoming devices, so the recent post by JC Cimetiere on the Windows Team Blog introducing the Windows Phone platform with a Symbian starting point should be a good resource, You'll find a white paper ("Windows Phone Guide for Symbian Qt Application Developers") with porting examples, adding Qt to the Windows Phone API mapping tool, and details on the Nokia WP Training Days happening around Europe.

From the blog:

So, folks from Microsoft and Nokia worked together to build a great package to help you get started. This helpful package contains the following tools and documentation to help you along the path to learning Windows Phone development...

The white paper is available in different formats (HTML, DOCX & PDF). Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and/or corrections on the online version.

Oh, and those training day dates?

  • Paris, France; 21 September
  • Milan, Italy; 26 September
  • Madrid, Spain; 29 September
  • Berlin, Germany; 4 October
  • London, United Kingdom; 10 October
  • More at the Windows Team blog.