NestDrop, an alternative to Nokia Drop?

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You may remember the announcement of Nokia Drop earlier this year, for pushing content from a desktop browser to your Symbian phone. A similar project, NestDrop, has appeared with similar aspirations. NestDrop is a web based service, in which you use a bookmarklet to save URLs or text notes to your NestDrop account. The phone end of the service lacks notifications, instead saved items are displayed via a web page. The page is accessed via browser bookmarks or a Web RunTime (WRT) widget. The latter can be downloaded from the developer's website. Read on for more details.

By visiting the NestDrop homepage, you can add the bookmarklet to your desktop browser. The first time you use the bookmarklet, you need to go through a very simple registration process (just supply your desired username and password). If you want to use NestDrop to save a quote from a page, you simply need to highlight the desired text, and click the bookmarklet (just like many other cloud note services).

Viewing NestDrop content on the phone is achieved by visiting in the phone browser. However a WRT widget is available too (install via this link).

Obviously, there are no notifications with this system, unlike Nokia Drop. Then again, if you've saved a page, you presumably don't need notifying about it! Clearly though, the project needs further development. Currently, it appears that users are unable to delete items from their NestDrop account. I also found that the NestDrop WRT widget would not remember my login details, leaving me to re-authenticate every time I used it.

If you've tried this service, let us know what you think in the comments!


David Gilson for All About Symbian, 9th August 2011.