gNewsReader debuts

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Rattling through the versions almost daily is this new Google Reader project. gNewsReader is written in Qt, supports full feed browsing, article starring and, importantly, is wonderfully OLED/battery friendly, being black themed. It uses/syncs the read/unread feed status from the service and, interestingly, has been built around the forthcoming Symbian Belle UI. Screens, links and some comments below.

In its current form, gNewsReader is a little slow to start and it would be nice for it to remember your current preferred view (mine is 'unread items only'). But this should improve rapidly and is already a very useful little utility. Bookmark it now.

Screenshot, gNewsReader Screenshot, gNewsReader

The starting view, and the choice of which feeds to view

Screenshot, gNewsReader Screenshot, gNewsReader

Browsing two feeds - note the Symbian Belle UI convention

Screenshot, gNewsReader Screenshot, gNewsReader

Reading, sharing, starring and liking an article, all services offered by the Google Reader platform

(Thanks to Yash for spotting this new project)