Nokia E6 and X7 receive minor firmware update to v22.0.14

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A minor firmware update for the Nokia E6 and Nokia X7, version 22.014, is now being rolled out. It is a minor firmware update consisting of bug fixes and small performance improvements. These include small updates to the Web and Social applications, USB connectivity and Mail for Exchange configuration fixes and reduced lag when opening Application manager. The update is currently only available via the Nokia Software Updater portion of Ovi Suite.

The application updates included in the firmware update are very minor. The Social application is updated from version 1.3.200 to 1.3.215 and gets a new icon. The Web application is updated from version to version, which improves kinetic scrolling in the browser (both faster and the ability to 'pull' the page out of position).

E6 firmware updateE6 firmware update

E6 running v22.014 firmware and illustration of updated Social icon

The minor nature of the firmware update is reflected in the version number change from v21.x to v22. Typically the first firmware update for Nokia's Symbian devices is to fixes bugs found in the release hardware.

Nokia E6 firmware

As with other firmware updates the availability and timing of the update varies by product code. In general, unlocked devices will be the first to receive the update, with operator locked and branded devices following some time behind (due to operator approval and certification).