cuteBox is now free in the Ovi Store

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Symbian toting Dropbox users will be glad to hear that one of the best in class apps, cuteBox, has now become free of charge. We reviewed cuteBox back in May, with Rafe concluding that “general performance [was] excellent”. Fortunately, it was only priced at £1.50 / €1.50 / $2.00, so paying users hopefully won't feel too aggrieved at the change. Read on for more details.

While there isn't an official blog for cuteBox, you can follow updates from the developer via cuteBox on Twitter. Two posts relating to this move were made today, as shown below.

(Click images to see original tweets).

As you can see, downloads are vastly increased now that the application is free. Furthermore, Genera software either have plans, or are investigating, alternative monetization methods to exploit its increased downloads.

You can read our review of cuteBox here, and view cuteBox on the Ovi Store.

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David Gilson for All About Symbian, 25th July 2011.