GPS Info Qt a great freebie for Symbian^3 phones

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You'll remember I found GPS Toolbox a useful little utility for looking at what the GPS receiver in my smartphone was actually doing? Well, here's GPS Info Qt, a free replacement that does much the same thing, but with the advantage that you don't have to dip into your pocket. Plus it's implemented (as the name suggests) in Qt and not Java. Screens and some comment below.

Grab it from the Ovi Store for free.

Screens and comments:

Screenshot GPS Info Qt Screenshot GPS Info Qt Screenshot GPS Info Qt

GPS Info Qt's interface is essentially a scrollable pane of data, constantly refreshed. I liked the data on which satellites were in use and locked. One useful safeguard is that the utility stops automatically after a few minutes, in case you forget it's running and leave it (and the GPS) on in the background.

Screenshot GPS Info Qt Screenshot GPS Info Qt 

Also useful is being able to swap to an OLED-friendly dark theme and the ability to pull in map thumbnails via Nokia Maps's API. You are here, etc.