Nokia 3D World Gaze debuts

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Another week, another experimental application from Nokia Beta Labs. Nokia 3D World Gaze looks very interesting and innovative. Available initially for just the Nokia E7 and N8, it offers a look through the 'transparent' globe around you, at maps and photos. Some quotes below, see also the download page, available after signing into Beta Labs.

From the Beta Labs post:

This app gives you a new kind of perspective: a 3D, real-time, first-person view to the entire world. You can simply look down through the Earth to see all the continents, cities, media, and other information where they exist in reality.

Just point your phone to any direction and the physical reality of the other side of the Earth will be revealed. The app gives you a new way to think about the relationship between the planet Earth and you on it -- we live on a giant sphere and far-away cities and continents are actually somewhere below us.


Note that the app is experimental and not associated with Nokia Maps or Ovi Maps 3D Beta. Comments welcome if you've tried it. Or if you've grabbed it and tried it on the C7 or C6-01 or E6...?

Steve, AAS, 4 July 2011