Listen up to the power of accessories at Nokia Connections

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Also coming out of Nokia Connections in Singapore today are some new accessories for your smartphone, giving you a number of options based around charging and audio. With speakers, home stereo adaptors, Bluetooth headsets and a fast charger for micro-USB devices.

First up, the fast charger, which is essentially a plug socket that has a USB socket in the housing. Delivering the required and regulated voltage for Nokia handsets (not always the case if you buy a similar peripheral off the shelf), this is another "smaller" charger and should help Nokia remain as one of the greenest companies around. For me, travelling a lot, this reduces the cables I have to carry by one (MicroUSB and charger with cable, now reduced to MicroUSB and a plug socket). A tiny win, but still a win.

The rest of the focus is on audio. First up is a new Bluetooth stereo headset, a stylised version of the older BH-214. Available in five colours (white, black, lime, pink and blue), the BH-111 is a clip on music controller about an inch square. It uses A2DP standard  Bluetooth, and uses a 3.5mm jack so you can switch out to your own headphones in place of the matching coloured ones in the retail packet. 7 hours of talk time or six hours of music playback are available.

Want to share your music? Then you have two choices. The first is the Nokia Play speaker system, a 360 degree portable speaker which should help fill a room with sound, rather than have it pointing in one direction from a handset. Rather neatly, if you have two of these connected at the same time, they split automatically, to handle the left and right stereo channels.

And if you'd rather have your music go through a Hi-fi or Home Stereo system, the Nokia Wireless Receiver MD-310 will plug into the line-in on the system using 3.5mm or RCA sockets with the included adaptors.

Both of those allow you to pair up as Bluetooth devices in the normal way, but if you have a suitable NFC handset, you can simply touch your handset to an area of the device and have them pair automatically, as shown in the videos. Which is nice.

All of these look pretty great in the commercials (don't they always) and the addition of touch using NFC to pair up is a wonderful bit of magic from Nokia that could easily have been "one more thing" at the end of the presentation. Nevertheless they've added to a good positive feeling from Nokia Connections, even if they won't set the world alight.