Fujitsu announces F-022 Symbian phone for the Chinese market

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Last Thursday Fujitsu announced the F-022 phone for the Chinese market. The flip form factor phone, which is based on Symbian, is the result of a collaboration with fashion brand Folli Follie. Features include a fashion conscious design (glitter-motif, embedded zirconium jewel, detachable fragrance chip), 8.1 megapixel camera and water/dust resistance. The phone will be available from Beijing Digital Telecom (also known as D-Phone) shops from the 24th June.


While not explicitly stated in the release information the F-022 appears to be running Symbian^3 (it could also be Symbian^2). The promotional image for the handset shows the old default S60 theme and the accompanying screenshot images (see below) show the theme that was developed by the user experience team at the Symbian Foundation for the open source Symbian^3 release. This would make the F-022 the first non-Nokia Symbian^3 device.

Fujitsu is best know for its extensive range of Symbian based phones that it builds for NTT DoCoMO, a Japanese operator. In these phones Fujitsu uses the MOAP user interface on top of Symbian. The current generation of MOAP phones use Symbian^2. Fujitsu has long had ambitions to expand it smartphone reach outside of the Japanese market and the F-022C is one of the first examples of this.

However, the MOAP user interface is not suitable for the Chinese market because it includes many services and customisations that are specific to Japan's NTT DoCoMo. Despite this the integration work (e.g. for chipsets) and the majority of the hardware is likely to be common between the F-022 and Fujitsu's Japanese Symbian devices. By utilising its existing expertise and efforts from its existing Symbian MOAP based phones Fujitsu will have been able to develop the F-022 relatively quickly and for a relatively low cost.

F-022 screenshots  

Key features

  • 110 x 50 x 14.8 mm in size and 118g in weight
  • 3 inch LCD display (480 x 854 resolution)

  • Detachable fragrance chip, a technology that has appeared previously in a number of Fujitsu's phones for the Japanese market. Perfume is sprayed on to an absorbant pad and is then gradually released.
  • 8.1 megapixel camera with 'beautiful skin' and 'pupil tracking' modes.
  • Water (rated IPX5/7/8) and dust (rated IPX5) resistant
  • WCDMA and GSM connectivity 


From the press release:

The softly illuminated front casing of the F-022 mobile phone is adorned with a glitter-motif design including a diamond-like jewel block of two-karat cubic zirconia. As another totally unique feature, users can enjoy a continuously fragrant mobile phone by spraying a perfume of their choice onto the detachable fragrance chip located on the mobile phone's reverse side. In addition, the F-022 is equipped with a high-performance, 8.1-megapixel camera that not only is up to digital camera level standards but also takes outstanding photos of people by enhancing the beauty of skin tones with its "beautiful skin" mode, together with enabling photos that highlight large, natural-looking eyes with a "pupil tracking" mode. This Fujitsu mobile phone goes even further, staying ahead of other manufacturers as it is equipped with a water-resistant (rated IPX5/7/8) and dust-resistant (rated IP5X) technology. Overall, a stunning design, a fragrance feature and ability to showcase a user's unique personality makes this phone a delight to keep close and carry.

Expected target users are 20 to 40 year-old women with a well-developed sense of fashion. The F-022 mobile phone will utilize circuits made available by China-based carriers China Mobile and China Unicom.

More information on the F-022 is available on the dedicated mini site.