Symbian^3 SDK 1.0 released

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Forum Nokia today quietly released the Symbian^3 SDK 1.0, targeted at developers using native code (Symbian C++), Java and web technologies (WRT) to create applications for the Symbian platform. The version 1.0 release adds support for VGA resolution (E6), the updated browser ( and a number of additional APIs (OpenWF support, SQLite 3, updated XML parsing and others). 

Nokia also released the Qt SDK 1.1 today, which is targeted at developers using Qt to create applications for Symbian and other platforms. While Qt has increasingly become the primary focus for Nokia's development environment on the Symbian platform, native Symbian C++ development continues to be widely used.

Prior to the recent Nokia strategy changes, Qt was set to replace Symbian C++. However, given recent events,  it is probable that both Qt and Symbian C++ development will be supported to Symbian's end-of-life, albeit with a greater focus on Qt for additional plug-ins and APIs (e.g. Notification API).

From Forum Nokia:

The all-in-one Symbian, S60 platform, and S60 device SDKs enable the development of applications using Qt, C++, Java™ technology, and web technology. The SDKs include all the key resources needed for applications development, such as documentation, API reference, examples, and an emulator. An IDE is not included.

Version 1.0 of the Symbian^3 SDK for Nokia devices is available. This final version provides:

  • VGA resolution screen support, to enable software development for the Nokia E6.
  • Support for Qt 4.7 and Qt Mobility 1.1 APIs.
  • Updated Browser, now at v7.3.1.1.
  • The Three Plane Comms architecture, offering improved data flow performance.
  • Stub implementation of Mobile Broadcast Service API for Handheld Terminals 1.0 (JSR-272).
  • Several additional Symbian APIs for features such as OpenWF support, SQLite 3, XML parsing, and others.
  • Support for Korean and Chinese languages in the SDK.

The Symbian^3 SDK can be downloaded from Forum Nokia.