Nokia take to the stage at Microsoft's Mix 11 Conference

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Making a brief appearance on stage as part of the Windows Phone 7 presentation, Marco Argenti, Nokia's head of developer experiences, stressed the partnership of Nokia and Microsoft, but provided no new updates on the progress of the partnership. That’s to be expected, the day was Joe Belfiore’s, and he used it to showcase the new elements of the “Mango” update, likely to form the backbone of Nokia’s Windows Phone devices going forward in 2012.

Mix is Microsoft’s annual developer conference for web developers and designers to showcase the new technologies from the Seattle based company. Alongside the Nokia appearance, Windows Phone 7 “Mango” will correct a number of issues that Symbian users have already pointed out, such as third party applications existing in the background, access to sensor elements such as the accelerometers and the smartphone’s camera, and an updated IE9 browser.

Some more details at Cnet.