Introducing Nokia Sleeping Screen

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From the team that brought us Nokia Bubbles comes Nokia Sleeping Screen, amping up the current OLED time and date display to include animations, better notification displays, night clock mode and even total screen blackness when the phone is covered (e.g. in a pocket). Video and details below, though you'll want to note that this currently doesn't work with the LED torch mode on the C6-01, C7-00 and E7-00, sadly. Still, it's in beta and I'm sure they'll fix that in time.

Here's the launch video:

And here's Nokia Sleeping Screen itself. From the product page:


  • Personalization by selecting the appearance of the phone.
  • Time & date always visible with a glimpse of the phone.
  • Rich visual notifications of missed calls, sms, and calendar events.
  • Night clock mode setting to dim the appearance for night period.
  • Very clear battery charging indication with animation.
  • Low power consumption, descreased even further by turning screen off when phone is covered, for example in a bag or your pocket

Known issues 

  • Torch-light feature doesn't work when Nokia Sleeping Screen is active.