A Symbian story with a difference

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As a hardened (and probably wizened) AAS reader, you've been with us through the ups and downs of the last decade, of course. And I was interested to read Alvin Wong's 'Symbian Story', taking him through many of the devices that we too have loved and hated over the years - it's a good read. And yet, here's the kicker, Alvin is still only 17. Which means that he started his Symbian Story when he was only 12, incredibly.

From his article:

"S60 3rd edition was my first taste of the smartphone world and I marvelled at how flexible it was compared to what I was used to. I discovered multitasking, I installed apps and games, mostly Java at first, then native, and I even flashed the ‘Music Edition’ firmware onto my standard N73 for the enhanced music player and themes. I also pretty much battered the N73; all the silver paint rubbed off the softkeys and call/end keys, the soft-touch paint on the back flaked off in the corners along with the Nokia logo and the Pop-Port ended up being very loose. Soon the device had to go, but the N73 influenced my interest and enthusiasm in phones. It started it all for me."

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