Opera announce new in-browser mobile store

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The alternative browser company, Opera, has announced that the Opera Store is now available for users of the various browsers from the Norwegians. Powered by Appia, the store can be found at mobilestore.opera.com and will be on the initial speed dial for new users to Opera. In tandem with the launch, their Publisher Portal is also open for business.

From the press release:

In its pre-launch state, the Opera Mobile Store attracted more than 15 million users in February, from 200 countries, achieving more than 700,000 downloads per day. These metrics establish the Opera Mobile Store as a top 10 mobile application store around the world.

Along with GetJar, the Opera Store is on course to be one of the quiet successes in the mobile application space. It is cross-platform, which means there’s much more reach, but at the same time the content needs to be spread out a little bit more. But the big challenge in any store is getting people in the front door. By leveraging their not insubstantial beachhead with the browser, Opera certainly has a good foundation to build on.

More at Opera in the press release.