Audioboo arrives on Symbian, let's have a listen

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Sound-clip publishing service, Audioboo, is now available in the Ovi Store. The "Twitter for audio" allows you to record short messages on your phone, tag them with text and pictures. Once uploaded to the Internet, Audioboos can be shared, listened to, and commented on. Already a popular service on Android and iPhone, Audioboo is a welcome addition to the Symbian platform.

Rather than pop in some quick thoughts about the launch of the app and how useful it is; I thought it would be better to make a "live demo" of the app, using itself!

What's it all about?

Why does it sounds a bit speakerphone-y?

Would I use it? Do other people? And will it stay on my phone?

Technically, Audioboo is a great service and it has a lot of uses, and a lot of fans. It's very immediate, no editing on the sound files is available (just go for another take if you don't like it) and you'll be using the handset's built in microphone. But here's the most important two things about Audioboo: 1) it works. 2) you'll always have it with you. Those things make it very useful.

-- Ewan Spence, Feb 2001