NFC (Near Field Communications) demoed on the Nokia C7

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Thanks to Jay for highlighting a video demo of NFC on the C7 over at Mobile World Congress. Every C7 has a NFC chip but there's no software to drive it, at least not yet. What's demoed below is a prototype interface, showing how to find out more about a product that you 'touch' with your C7. Early days, obviously, though with Samsung also really getting into NFC for their 2011 smartphones as well, you have to think that this could be the year NFC emerges into the real world.

The video below is from Qt studios. There are several innovative uses of NFC demoed here, including logging position in a store, so you can get back to an item that you previously 'touched', plus rating products by touching your phone on a star chart. As Jay says:

Just tapping what could be a shop flyer brings up information. No manual scanning of bar codes necessary. This could be cool when shopping, bringing up prices, price comparisons, features list. Imagine if things at your grocery store had this, you could easily check the dietary stats of fats/sugars/salts etc and possibly compare it to other products to see which is the best option. That’s not demoed, but you could see the possibility of what you could do by being able to gather selective information very quickly, with just a tap.