Stephen Elop takes some questions from Chris Ziegler on Nokia, Windows Phone, shipping dates and trojan horses

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Over on Engadget, Chris Ziegler has grabbed a video Q and A session at Mobile World Congress with Stephen Elop. It’s wide ranging in the ground covered, although given the short time-scale it’s mostly sound-bites and short paragraph style answers. And some questions were outright dodged. Nevertheless, it casts some more sunlight on the decisions of Elop and how the next few months are going to pan out for Symbian, Meego and Nokia.

Elop’s arrival at Nokia:

I arrived at a company that knew it needed to make a strategic assessment. There is a plan of record around the Symbian and also Meego activities, as well as a recognition that different options needed to be considered… it was a deliberate assessment of the different options... certainly we learned about Android.

What incentive is there to buy Symbian smartphones to the tune of another 150 million?

We will make sure that the Symbian devices themselves are competitive, compelling, iconic and so forth. There will be continuing investment in Symbian, next gen processors, a new User Experience... all sorts of work from a software perspective to make a path from Symbian to Windows Phone for consumers.

On “the Trojan question”:

I had to very deliberately make sure that there was a broad array of people involved in the process… so that people were making sure, collectively, we were making the right decision.

Is Meego Plan B?

What we’re doing is not thinking of Meego as Plan B... but as the next generation... what comes next, the next major wave of business and technological disruption.

When will a Windows Phone from Nokia ship?

I will know in the months immediately ahead... We have first draft plans, we have some first designs (that leaked) and some at the investor event... when the public will know? Very close to when the device will ship... we believe we should be generating that excitement, a call to action for consumers, here’s something beautiful, we want you to go and check it out. We want those dates to be quite a bit closer.

Grab a coffee and take your time to watch this one, folks, and congrats to Chris Ziegler for covering a lot of ground in the interview.