Rafe gets up close and personal with the Nokia E7

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Following his 4500 word part 1 of the All About Symbian review of the Nokia E7, Rafe also took time to shoot a comprehensive 14 minute video (embedded below), up close and personal with the device. If you haven't got time to work through the review text, sit back with a cup of tea and watch this instead. The video focusses on the hardware, especially the QWERTY keyboard and with some nice comparisons to previous Communicators, but Rafe also covers some elements of the Symbian^3 software and Ovi services that power the device.

Make sure you watch in 720p HD by starting it playing, then clicking on the bottom-of-frame pick list and going 'full-screen', for best effect:


Stay tuned for future E7 review parts, starting with Camera functions and Multimedia, from me very soon.