The N8 continues to impress

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The N8 has been something of a landmark device for Nokia. It was proclaimed at Nokia World that the fight back started with the N8. As part of this fight back, Nokia have thrown a lot of marketing muscle behind the N8, of course focussing on its outstanding 12 megapixel camera. Specifically, there has been the Nokia Push N8 contest and the N8 Producers competition. Besides those official adventures of the N8, its users and reviewers alike seem to continue to put the phone through its paces in the most unconventional ways. It is surely a testament to the admiration people feel for the device. Read on to see what some people have been up to with their N8.

Macro Photography

In December, I reported on a method of a way of performing macro photography with the full-focus camera on the likes of the C7-00. Continuing in this spirit of DIY macro photography, Fahkre Alam, editor of SymbianTweet, has published his entry to the N8 Producers competition. For his entry, Fahkre shot a super-macro video on his N8 of insect life. He achieved this by attaching a DVD player lens to his N8. The lens has an extremely small depth of field, as might be expected based on its intended use. As such, you can see that Fahkre had to put an lot of effort into manually keeping his subjects in focus. Thinking back to the posts linked here, and the days when we could buy telescopic lenses to attach to the N95; it feels as if there should be some sort of sub-culture of phone modders who push the limits of their camera phones with nothing more than thrown away lenses and sticky tape!

Extreme Connectivity

Next along, in the final part of their N8 review, Mobile Industry Review put the N8 to the "ultimate test". The N8 is known for having Bluetooth, HDMI out, and USB On The Go, and in the MIR review, all of this was simultaneously put to the test.


The N8 as a portable home entertainment centre?

Here at MIR we decided to put the N8 to the ultimate test. We wanted to use USB OTG, audio and HDMI playback at the same time. How so? We connected a USB wireless mouse/keyboard to the Nokia. We used the HDMI port and placed the handset close to our HD monitor. We linked our JBL audio system in. But first, let’s transfer something from an external hard drive…"

Active Ingredients: Nokia N8, USB Hard Disk, USB Keyboard, Bluetooth Mouse, Full HD Monitor

"It works!!! The Nokia N8 really did it! We have a USB keyboard, Bluetooth Mouse, Full HD Video file copied from a USB Hard Drive, Full HD Monitor and a JBL Audio system connected to the Nokia N8 Simultaneously!!!"

David Gilson for All About Symbian, 31st January 2011