Nokia continues to grow in China

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Two separate stories showing Nokia’s global efforts continue to deliver for the company, this time in China. First up is the agreement with SINA and Tencent to provide location based services via Ovi Maps, closely followed by last week’s report from IResearch that 65% of China Mobile’s users are regularly using the Ovi Store. Links and comment below.

Staring with the Ovi Maps branch of the news, having two of the leading Chinese ISPs taking the data and services is a smart move by Nokia, and shows a commitment to services beyond those that are the darling of the western press.

It’s likely that the microblog portion of SINA and Tencent’s QQ social network will appear under the “Check In” menu of Ovi Maps, just as Facebook and others do at the moment. QQ has around 650 million users over the range of platforms run by Tencent.

The numbers are starting to add up for Nokia now, so how about a success for the Ovi Store? Naturally this is the localised version, but 65% of China Mobile are users regularly using the store. To put that into context, the equivalent number of users browsing the Android Marketplace is 13.7%, while Apple’s iPhone store pulls in a staggering 97%.

With 250 million Nokia users in China, linking together the Ovi services to both the handset and the user’s ISP is part of the ongoing strategy to have software, hardware and services working together to keep Nokia as an attractive name for both users and partners.

More at IResearch and Nokia’s Press Centre.