Why does everyone hate Nokia at the moment?

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There's an exhaustive and interesting look, nicely pitched, by long term AAS reader Eugen Diskin here, looking at 16 (count 'em) reasons why the mood of bloggers, analysts and users all seem against Nokia right now. There are some good points in here, some left valid but most vigorously defended. You'll have to excuse the occasional broken English, the author isn't a native speaker - but well worth ten minutes of your time over coffee this weekend.

"Lately, each discussion of any Nokia related news becomes epic. It's a battle, in which everyone wants to participate and show his knowledge, regardless of their mental abilities, ability to judge and actually analyze information. Many of these commentators seem to think that they are world-class experts. Others seem to think, that such discussions show the voice of the people.

Lets try to figure out how things are really working and why there is so much negativity in discussions about Nokia these days."

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