Nokia C6-01 gets a set of support videos

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Nokia have released a set of fourteen support videos, embedded below, to show users how to get the most out of their Nokia C6-01. Ranging from basic things like how to use the buttons and touchscreen, to more sophisticated topics like planning a road trip and editing photos. This is a great resource for anyone new to Symbian^3. While the video titles are aimed at the C6-01, these instructions apply to any Symbian^3 handset. Click through to view our indexed list of videos. Thanks to Clinton Jeff at ZOMGITSCJ for spotting these.

Here's a list of titles and descriptions, click on each title to skip down the page to the desired video, or browse through all of them.

  1. Keys and parts
    • Learn about the keys and parts of the device.
  2. Local services in Maps
    • Learn how to use the local services in Maps: check the local guide for interesting places to visit, find a spot for a romantic dinner or book a hotel room directly from the service using your phone.
  3. Sync the trip to your mobile and navigate to the destination
    • Learn how to sync the planned route from your computer to your device. Also learn how to start navigating to the destination.
  4. Plan a trip with your PC
    • Learn how to plan your route with Ovi Maps on the web and save it as your favourite before syncing the route to your device.
  5. Find different places and save favourite ones
    • Learn how to find different places with Ovi Maps and save your favourite ones.
  6. Upload a picture to social networks
    • Learn how to upload pictures to social networking services.
  7. Record HD video
    • Learn how to capture your special moments as videos in HD mode.
  8. Take a picture and edit it
    • Learn how to set your camera to automatically record the location to the pictures you take. Also learn how to edit the pictures you have just taken.
  9. How to use Social application
    • Learn how to start using Social application: sign in and add multiple services (such as Facebook or other). Also learn how to see your friends’ status updates and to post your own status update.
  10. Set up different email accounts
    • Learn how to add several mailboxes and access them directly from the home screen.
  11. Add mail widget to home screen and use it
    • Learn how to access your mailboxes directly from the home screen by adding a mail widget to it.
  12. Create an Ovi account
    • Learn how to access Nokia’s Ovi services by creating a Nokia account.
  13. Personalise home screen pages
    • Learn how to personalise your home screen pages to your liking: add items and shortcuts and rearrange them. Learn how to change the wallpaper as well.
  14. Get familiar with the touch screen
    • Learn how to use the touch screen to perform different actions. Learn how to control your device by tapping, scrolling, swiping or dragging.


David Gilson for All About Symbian, 24th January 2011.