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As part of the current North American Calling All Innovators competition, Nokia have published 18 training videos for developing in the Qt framework. Due to high demand for entrants to the competition, Nokia (partnered by AT&T) have extended their deadline for entry to the 31st of March 2011. There are many prizes up for grabs, ranging from a top prize of $250K (US) with $2M in marketing for the winning applications, to a wide range of smaller cash prizes, and there are also 500 Nokia phones up for grabs too. Entrants are asked to develop their applications in Qt for the N8, and to that end, the previously mentioned training videos are available to help developers get started.

Fortunately, the videos are available to anyone, not just competition entrants, and so provides a great resource for anyone hoping to get into the world of Qt development for Symbian (and MeeGo).

The videos are available here, and are listed as:

  1. Signing Up For A Forum Nokia Account
  2. Mobile Application usability on the N8 - Part A
  3. Mobile Application usability on the N8 - Part B
  4. Mobile Application usability on the N8 - Part C
  5. Mobile Application usability on the N8 - Part D
  6. Getting Started with Qt
  7. Overview of Qt Creator
  8. Using Qt Creator to Design Your First Applicataion
  9. What is Qt
  10. QMake, Widgets and Widget Layouts
  11. Signals and slots
  12. Strings, Files and Streams
  13. Main windows and Dialogs
  14. Qt Designer
  15. Qt Mobility - Part A
  16. Qt Mobility - Part B
  17. Qt Mobility - Part C
  18. Qt Mobility - Part D

(Via: Bill Perry's blog)

David Gilson for All About Symbian, 19th January 2011