Pixelpipe hosted at Nokia Beta Labs

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Anyone who is interested in testing the latest features of Pixelpipe Share Online should now direct their browser towards Nokia Beta Labs. Pixelpipe is the latest third party application to be invited into Nokia Beta Labs for users to get the latest bleeding edge features, and more importantly, provide useful feedback to the developers! To announce their invitation to Beta Labs, Pixepipe CEO Brett Butterfield has written a guest blog post, to introduce the social media sharing agent to the uninitiated.

This comes shortly after Pixelpipe reached something of a milestone with version 1.03, with features like image scaling and automatic uploads. Until then, Pixelpipe had relied on Symbian beta testers via an exclusive mailing list where development builds had been sent out in rapid succession. Although, at the release of v1.03, Butterfield announced that would be the last build sent out for some time, at least until a new release was imminent.

In his guest post at Nokia Beta Labs, Butterfield said:

"This is part of a series in which Nokia is inviting the coolest application developers to showcase and pilot their apps at Nokia Beta Labs.

If you've ever captured a great photo or video on your Nokia & wanted to upload & share it to your favorite online services you'll quickly understand the purpose of Pixelpipe. We provide a solution that simply allows you to upload Photos, Video, Audio & Documents directly from your Nokia phone & up to over 75 of the most popular web services. We connect to everything from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr & Dropbox to Hyves, Jaiku & Staus.net & many others, we allow you to select & upload to one or as many of your services you'd like at the time of upload.

You may be familiar with Pixelpipe since we've been providing plug-ins for Nokia Share on Symbian & Maemo for years now. We've recently released our first native Symbian/Qt application & are looking for feedback from the Nokia Beta Labs community on new features we plan in upcoming releases to the Ovi Store."

David Gilson for All About Symbian, 17th December 2010.