Symbian users petition Amazon for a Kindle app

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Anyone who pays attention to technology knows that the E-book world finally started to take off with the release of Amazon's Kindle reader and book store. Since then, not only have competing readers and marketplaces launched, but so have mobile applications for the Kindle platform. Android and iPhone users have long enjoyed being able to synchronise their book collection with their mobile phones. So far though, Symbian has been left out of the party, despite being the largest smartphone platform on Earth. Read on to find out how to help change this.

A blogger who I've linked to before, @Smartfonefan, has started a petition to call on Amazon to create a Kindle application for Symbian users. It's early days for the petition with few signatures at the time of writing, which is something I hope everyone reading this will help to change.

This is something of a first-world cause(!) that I've recently taken up via Twitter, around the same time as @Smartfonefan. I believe that a Kindle app for Symbian is something that really should happen for the benefit of all. Having the largest E-book market available to the largest smartphone platform can only be a win for all concerned.

For anyone who has read this far, I ask you to sign the petition now, and tweet at @AmazonKindle to let them know you've signed. Both Steve Litchfield and I have already signed, and I'll be reminding Rafe and Ewan to sign too.

David Gilson for All About Symbian, 12th December 2010