A tough choice, N8 or E7

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I have just read an interesting post by blogger @Smartfonefan, in which he goes into great detail deliberating about whether he should buy the Nokia N8 or upcoming E7. It's a rather empaphetic read, and anyone who is reading All About Symbian will instantly understand that difficult and pleasurable period we all go through when we try to find out every last detail (which hopefully AAS provides!) about our candidate devices, to make that final decision.

In my deliberations over which smartfone to buy and thinking about the history of my phones (mostly Nokia) I started thinking about why I do in fact generally buy Nokia phones.  I think that it is probably because they are very well built have a host of amazing features and also look good. Nokia are also always at the forefront of mobile technology as you can see with their latest devices and of course previous smartfones like the N95 and N82. Nokia in this regard remind me of VW/Audi.

It's clear from the read that @Smartfonefan is rather keen on Nokia devices, so bear that in mind when you read this. In the bulk of his post, he details all the new aspects that Nokia have brought into the whole Symbian^3 line; such as powerful ARM processor, graphics acceleration, an aluminium body (on the N8/E7) and USB on the Go. He concludes that the key differences between the N8 and E7 come down to praticality versus fun. While the E7 is practical with its full QWERTY keyboard, the N8 is the most fun of the pair, and clearly the one to go for if you want to leave your point-and-shoot camera at home.

Which did he decide to buy? Well, it was certainly a solution I approve of, so I suggest you read his post to find out!


David Gilson for All About Symbian, 11th November 2010.