Nokia Beta Labs release Wellness Diary

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Nokia Beta Labs have released their Wellness Diary application, which they announced in September. Available for all touch-screen enabled Symbian phones, the application runs in the background monitoring the user's activity. For example, it uses the accelerometer as a pedometer to measure your physical activity, and a schedule can even be set for the application to periodically ask you how many snacks you've eaten! Users can set personal targets and share their progress with social networks. To find out more, read on.

The user interface of Wellness Diary is made to allow users to efficiently view their progress and input data as quickly as possible. Users can set targets for various aspects of their well being, and view graphs to instantly see how how closely they're meeting their targets. The application also makes it easy for you to share your progress with your chosen social networks.

Wellness Diary has been made to work with third party services so that the application can be utilised in professional fitness coaching. Currently, the beta phase only supports the "Duodecim Electronic Health Examination and Coaching" service (link), which is also in a beta phase.

Nokia is also offering support to companies looking to roll out a wellness program for their work force, more information can be had on request by emailing

As part of the release, Nokia's Wellness Diary team have also produced an introductory video.

To find out more and download Wellness Diary, click here.


David Gilson for All About Symbian, 10th November 2010.