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The well known WiFi tethering application, JoikuSpot, has expanded its range of supported Symbian devices. In addition to S60 3rd Edition and Symbian^1 devices from Nokia; JoikuSpot now supports recent Sony Ericsson devices (Satio, Vivaz and Vivaz Pro). Further expanding its compatibility with Nokia devices, the JoikuSpot have also released a Premium edition for Symbian^3 devices. Prices are currently reduced from 15 Euros to 9 Euros.

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JoikuSpot comes in both a light and premium version. As you might expect, the light version is free, but limited in function. Those who buy the premium version get the following benefits:

  • Supports all Nokia S60 phones with WiFi and 3G
  • Symbian^3 user experience on any S60 Nokia phone
  • New Symbian^3 phones (N8, C7, E7, C6-01) supported
  • Sony Ericsson S60 phones supported
  • Super simple 1-click WiFi tethering User interface
  • HotSpot naming anything you like
  • Complete internet and security (you can use all internet and email protocols and VPN, and secure your HotSpot to prevent unwanted visitors to your WiFi HotSpot.
  • Enhanced performance and connection quality
  • 3G auto-reconnect for moving use contexts
  • Speed and data consumption meters included
  • More than 20 languages supported
  • Connects also iPad, iPod and iTouch. Watch the video
  • Multiple devices can connect in parallel
  • Defaulted Internet Access Point can be set
  • Windows Mobile, Samsung S60 and Nokia N900 Editions also available at JoikuSpot Store

JoikuSpot light can be downloaded from, and JoikuSpot premium and other Joiku products can be purchased from their shop at

From personal experience of JoikuSpot, things to be aware of are that only WEP encryption is suported, and WiFi tethering is extremely power intensive, so best saved for emergency use, or for when your phone can be easily recharged or supported on mains power!

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David Gilson for All About Symbian, 8th November 2010